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Creating a series...

So what is a series?

I've always liked making works which can sit comfortably next to each other in a home or gallery space.

Each piece becomes part of a story which can be visually read by the viewer and the style, colour palette and theme relates in some way, making them all one body of work.

My architectural paintings are based on places I saw whilst in Los Angeles for my solo exhibition, internet images and a little touch of imagination, making them imaginary but relatable. These houses also hold collections of my paintings in the rooms, meaning collectors actually get a few of my paintings within the one canvas.

Midcentury modern design is an architectural style I really love. I was blown away by these houses when I saw them and the necessary inspiration was born to begin a new series. The style includes low roofs, wide open plan interior spaces, huge windows which allow the outside in and warm inviting swimming pools.

The exterior spaces are really important to me when I make the works as I want collectors to feel like they can walk into the painting and lose themselves in it. Palm trees sway in the distance, plants creep across the space and ripples flow around the pool.

I love using bright, vivid colours in all of my works and they really suit this collection, its an ongoing series I really love making.


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