In his boldly coloured paintings, Jonjo Elliott combines a graphic style with abstract elements, references from art history, dreams and memories from his life, creating works which feature interiors, portraits, landscapes and still life. Plants play a large role in each image offering glimpses of life and growth in a richly coloured world. Echoing the digital representation of real life through hyper vivid colour and art historical influences, these works speak of the time we live in and the spaces we inhabit. Each work offers a scene which could be walked into, familiar yet fantastical, a growing collection of stories which the artist translates through a language of visual representation.


Born in Leicester, Jonjo started sketching at a very early age, losing himself in the process of depicting his surroundings. He received a First class BA honours degree in fine art from De Montfort University in 2016 before setting up his own studio near his home where he works from today.



Jonjo's artistic history includes solo exhibitions in LA and group shows in London, Florida, NYC, Palm Springs and Leicester. His work sits in collections in Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK and has been featured in major NETFLIX television shows. 

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2022 July  'Summer Salon'  Court Tree Collective, Brooklyn, New York 

2022 June  'Slice of life', Artplex Gallery, Los Angeles

2022 May  'Instalive', 19 Karen gallery, Brisbane, Australia 


2022   Affordable Art Fair New York City

2021   'Good vibes only',  Artplex Gallery, Los Angeles

2020   'Stay Connected, Online Exhibition, Harkin Gallery, UK

2020   Spec2, LCB Gallery, UK

2020   NETFLIX Artworks featured in Christian Slater Netflix series 'Dirty John'.

2019     'Glass Half Full' Solo show, Artplex Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2019   'Affordable Art Fair, New York.

2019   'Affordable Art Fair, London 

2019   'Voltage', Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, USA. 

2019    ART PALM SPRINGS, Los Angeles, USA

2019   'Bikes in the Office', Artplex Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.  

2018   'Space Inside', Solo show, LCB Depot, UK

2018   'Affordable Art Fair', London, UK 

2018   'Love Art', Curve Theatre, UK 

2018   'Roys People Art Fair'  London, UK

2018   'Love Art'  New Walk Museum, UK 

2017   'Daily Grind'  Solo Show  Lcb depot, UK

2017   'Permanent Fixture'  Gujiko Gallery, UK

2017   'Staircase'  De Montfort University, UK

2017   'Underdog Exhibition'  Underdog Gallery, London, UK

2017   'Art and Algorithms'  Titusville, Florida, USA   

2016   'A Space Shared Alone'Art Factory, UK

2016   'Love Art 2016', 02 Arena, UK

2016   'Nature of Change', Attenborough Arts Gallery, UK

2016   'Open 27', New Walk Museum Gallery, UK

2016   'Kink', Curve Theatre, UK

2016   'EnvironMENTAL', Art Factory, UK

2015   'Art and Algorithms', Titusville, Florida, USA

2015    Artist in Residence, QOB Gallery, UK

2015   'Inside Out', LCB Gallery, UK

2015   'Open26', New Walk Museum, UK




















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