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Epic Poetry, 165x190cm

Vessels and Bees, 165x175cm

La Californie, 162x169cm

A Terrace for a Studio, 100x70cm

In Another World You Could Wish It All Away, 165x170cm

Olivia's Self Portrait With Polly, 160x165cm

Tiny Little Portrait, 100x70cm

Fantastic Tales, 188x160cm

Picasso Sculpture, 130x160cm

Pink Palm Day Dreaming, 140x146cm

Dream Like, 44x62cm

In Smiling She Shows Her Teeth, 100x70cm

Little Pink House, 165x169cm

Invitation, 165x175cm

Surf Rider Lookout, 165x175cm

Liberation, 166x177cm

Blue Chair, 165x122cm

Sound of Bees, 165x175cm

99 On The Coast Road, 170x95cm

A Penny For Your Dreams, 165x165cm

Little Pink Table, 103x165cm

Flora Blue, 70x89cm

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