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As an artist you need a space to work, a space which is yours, a place where all of your stuff, canvases, paints and whatever else you use to create your art, can be stored and kept close at hand. We all work in different ways and all have different spaces which are personal to ourselves and our lifestyle. Some are spotless with everything in tidy drawers full of labels and containers. Others are a total mess, paint splattered and cluttered, a bit like mine. Try as I might I can't keep my space clean, I just can't seem to manage it. My floor looks like a the aftermath of a paint factory explosion and the walls are full of screws, staples and multi-coloured paint drips. It's perfect.

My space works for me. Everything's where I need it to be and I kind of know where everything is. I have an old wooden desk which was in the building when I moved in, a comfy old chair, very loud radio and not much more apart from my tubs of paint, loads of plastic containers for mixing paint and a heater.

I don't like to have too much stuff in my studio as wall space is more important for my work, which tends to be quite large. I'm also lucky to have 4 really big windows which flood the space with natural light, and a kitchen space with a kettle and microwave. What more could I possibly need?

The building is a lovely old factory block that sits on the edge of the Cultural Quarter in the heart of the city. I'm surrounded by other artists, designers, crafters and fashion designers who all bring their own specialisms to the space and this offers the chance to collaborate on shows, discuss current work, curate exhibitions and sell artworks.

I walked into studionAme almost 2 years ago and knew it was right for me and I've been here since. If you're ever in the area give the door bell a ring, someone might just answer and let you in.

All artists need their own space, you just need to choose one that suits you and the work you make.

Don't Rush into it. Spend some time there first, get a feel for the place and make sure you meet the other artists, because if you're anything like, me you'll be spending a whole lot of time there.

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