'DAILY GRIND' Solo show LCB Depot, Nov 2017

'Daily Grind' refers to a couple of things: The daily grind of navigating the city to get to your work place and a trick done by skateboarders where the trucks grind along the coping of a ramp, the concrete of a curb or the metal of a handrail.

I've skated my whole life and used the town as my skatepark. Every element of the cities architecture, surfaces and materials was used and abused by my mates and me as we skated.

We took whatever materials we could find from the streets and built obstacles to be used as ramps.

As an artist I do the same thing: I take certain elements from the streets and create my artwork.

Me, Leicester, 2017.

Me, 1990

When LCB Depot asked me to do a solo show at their gallery I wanted to do something that combined these 2 mega important things, skating and my art.

The paintings I created are based on certain areas and sites in the city but I wanted to do more than just hang paintings.

Building a skate park in the gallery space seemed the next obvious thing to do.

I love the fact that the gallery let me have a skate session during the opening night and I invited a few skaters to open the show. The visual element of the paintings and sculptures combined with the movement and energy of the skaters created a strong spectacle for the visitors during the exhibition.

Check out my 'Projects' page for a video of the opening night.

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