Yesterday I taught an art class in the city with a group of retired people learning all about charcoal and how great it is as a medium. They enjoyed the chance to use something new and some had never used charcoal before, but they'll definitely use it again.

I've always loved charcoal and its possibilities, the ease at which it makes a mark and its solid blackness when applied thickly. The other thing I love about charcoal is how fast you can work on a large scale drawing which is the way I like to work.

During the class we discussed all sorts of things including politics, art history and how life has changed for kids today and this got me thinking about a new project I've been wanting to start for ages.

I'm always comparing today to the old days, before we had ipads and vast amounts of technology and want to explore this in a new series of drawings. In my day we had wooden blocks for learning to count and little cards with numbers on...

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