Proud to help out...

Soft Touch Arts are a city based charity in the centre of Leicester. Their mission is to provide arts and cultural activities to kids who need help. Its a simple idea really: open a building, create a workspace, build a gallery space and get kids to come in and get creative. It doesn't get any easier, except maybe when you mention the F word: FUNDING!

These guys work hard to make things happen and their next project is to give kids with problems in their lives the chance to develop their creative talents. They aim to raise £10,000 and recently asked me to donate a piece of my work for an auction to be held at Abbots Oak in Leicestershire.

I couldn't say no. I've visited their space and seen the work they do, the activites they provide and I watched a group of kids make some new work. Their faces said it all: happy, inspired and proud to have created something they never thought they could.

Inspiration can lead to a lot of things. We all need it. But we also all need a little help sometimes.

I've given them a piece I created this year and hopefully it'll raise some much needed cash for Soft Touch. this piece is painted in mixed media onto a wooden panel in a hand made frame and measures 91x61cm. it's inspired by a wlak through the city and the marks left by society on the architecture that surrounds us.

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