Our first group residency as a newly formed collective, SNAC (studionAme artist collective), is rapidly approaching and we've got some special stuff lined up. We want to do something different for each segment of the event and break away from the usual 'hang pics on the wall' type of show. Our first SNAC exhibition will run for 6 weeks at LCB Depot between Oct and Nov so come say Hi.

Getting this off the ground and to the stage we're now at has been a rather large operation. Logistically just getting everyone together to discuss possibilities is hard enough, But we're getting there. Thats the bit I like the most. I love curating and creating, realising projects and getting our work out there.

As a collective we have different styles, different goals and different approaches to the creative process but as a collective we just 'Click'.

This is my studio family...and I'm proud to be a member.....

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