New canvas...

I've been walking past a park which sits a few streets away from my studio and I've been considering painting it but didn't know how to approach it. I didn't want the finished canvas to be an exact copy of the location, more a representation of the place, its structures, colours and social interaction.

The elements I select when I start painting are all strong in my head but I tend to avoid photographs as I sometimes get hung up on making a perfect representation and thats not what my work is about at this point in my life.

jonjo elliott

After several layers are added with different paint and materials I leave the canvas for the night before returning to the studio and taking time to just look at the work sitting on the wall. During this time I'll decide whether the piece should be completed or discarded but if I'm honest I don't often discard work. I'll keep at a canvas until it reaches a point where I can claim it back again and finish it. Sometimes this involves a large proportion of overpainting, but I don't often give up.

jonjo elliott

'Park', 107x140cm, mixed media on canvas, 2017.

The finished painting brings together specific characteristics of a place and a time that I see on a daily basis.

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