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When I first walked into the empty building which was soon to become StudionAme, the studio facility I manage, I was the only artist there. The studio walls were yet to be built, floors still needed painting and dust filled every corner of the space. But the directors don't mess about and before long we had a set of new and shiny bright white studio's ready to fill. Spreading the word on social media to artists in the local area was the next step and we attacked each platform to get the word out there. We were ready for artists and Leicester artists were ready for us.

With the word spreading It soon became apparent that we were offering a studio with something artists wanted: a chilled attitude, perfect light, minimal rules and exciting ideas for the future. Pretty much everyone that came to visit or nipped in for a quick look around wanted a space straight away and so the studio began to grow. Spaces filled with materials, the kettle was on a constant boil and radio's played cool tunes whilst artists enjoyed the fact they'd found somewhere they could just switch off from the every day worries of real life and create whatever they wanted.

So here we are, approaching our first birthday and almost full with around 20 artists on site. Collaborations are being explored, exhibitions organised on a regular basis, artists are selling work and we're firmly established on the Leicester art map. We've had 'BBC TV' and 'Hype Official' visit to film here, we had our opening party with 2 bands, free beer and artwork sales, we've run our first set of workshops for local kids and we've given a fully funded 3 month residency to a 3rd year De Montfort University Fine Art student.

Things are looking good...

The studio is growing and becoming a family.

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