Drawing class

I opened my studio up to 35 local kids the other night for a drawing and painting class and was surprised at what a success it was. Everyone turned up and got settled in before we started on several small projects which would give them a go at various methods of creating new artworks.

Before they arrived I hunted around my studio to find interesting things to create still life's with and luckily had a stuffed peacock, golden skull, burnt tree, old glass bottles and some very rusty old cans. All were set out on plinths and tables and two 8ft x 3ft pieces of paper were attached to the walls for them to draw and paint a large landscape and a series of self portraits.

The kids really enjoyed the session and to finish we had a great discussion on another artists work where I asked them what they consider to be 'art'. This lead to an in depth argument on what art is, why its art and the reason its considered to be art. here's a photo of the large landscape they created with charcoal, paint and pens...

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