'SWSP Skateboarding' Deck graphics..

I've always enjoyed the prospect of a new challenge and pride myself on being able to adapt to a project brief. Creating a series of deck graphics and T/shirts for SWSP gave me a chance to use drawing, print and photoshop to make something which meets a brief but also offered a chance to experiment with different idea's and finishes.

The culture of skate has always been about free thinking, doing your own thing, creating a circle of friends who, no matter how shit you are, will drop everything to go skate with you. I've been a skater my whole life, started age 10 and not stopped since. I'm no Tony Hawk but at 44 years old the chance to skate with my mates every week, who've been with me since birth, is an opportunity I never want to lose. As someone once said "You don't quit skating because you get old, you get old because you quit skating".... Jay Adams

The original drawings for the black decks are very large, 3ft x 4ft and drawn with thick charcoal.

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