Its great to make art and spend time in the studio creating unique things but at some point you need to either start selling what you make or buy yourself a warehouse to store all of your work.

I can't afford the latter so I'm on a mission to sell my work and get it out there.

I've concentrated on social media as a starting point to get my work seen and I've created my own Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts to showcase my work. Its a hard game though and without constant updates, images and text you just don't get the followers but I don't mind the hard work. I love the challenge of selling my own work and making it accessible to the public and it seems to be working.

This (rather large) canvas was created over a period of 3 weeks and I just wanted to paint, simple as that. Taking inspiration from the colours and shapes I see on the city streets I worked intuitively, experimenting with the paint application and movement.

I was contacted by a buyer on instagram who asked if I'd deliver to their home, which I gladly did.

The next challenge was to fit it into my VW....

#abstract #sales #painting #sold

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