Hello 2017... Street Inspirations...

Hello 2017!

Its straight back to the studio for me after an awesome, bizarrely warm and sunny Christmas here in the UK.

In the last few months I've been working on a series of new paintings which are inspired by my walks across the city to my studio which is in an old factory building in the centre of Leicester (more about that later).

I tend not to have a phone cemented to my face whilst I walk which gives me a chance to see, and remember, lots of small details which appear over time on the architecture and walls of the streets. The layering of these marks is very important to me and I try to show this in my works, building each painting through a process which involves adding and erasing areas of the canvas, covering and repainting until it feels completed. I'm really interested in the way our society affects our surroundings. The smallest of marks can inspire me such as an oil spill from a vehicle or a scratch along a wall, old posters hanging from a gate or the shape of an old building. These encounters lead to my abstract forms.

I collect these images in my head and start the painting, working intuitively until I reach a point where the painting begins to mean something to me. At this stage I'll walk away and leave it for a day before considering more alterations or just leave it alone.

I'm often asked if I paint on stretched or un-stretched canvas and the simple answer is it really depends on the urgency to paint. Sometimes I'm super keen to get a painting underway so I attach the material directly to the wall, stretching the canvas once I think its complete. I attach

This painting was inspired by a wall of graffiti in the centre of town. Amongst the tags and colourful shapes was a small character, no bigger than an A4 sheet. Once back at the studio I started to paint the character, relying on memory to produce something unique and not a copy of someone else's work.

The finished painting has 5 layers of different paints including acrylics, emulsion and enamel and measures 130cm x 160cm.

#painting #abstract #graffiti #streetart

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