Solo show 2018, LCB Gallery

Exploring our relationships with the spaces we inhabit and how they affect our mood. Exhibition included an immersive painting installation and a responsive dance performance by Satya-Sara Khachick.

'Daily Grind'  solo show 2017

A Space Shared Alone

Solo show at LCB Gallery.

The way society visually affects our surroundings is the inspiration for the paintings. As kids we skated the streets, using found materials to build ramps. As an artist I now take these same materials to create my work. As part of the exhibition I gave away 40 skateboards to local kids to promote excercise & healthy living.

'A Space Shared Alone' solo show 2016

Structures rescued from agricultural land, which is being prepared for re-development, are transported to the gallery space where they become monuments to forgotten times and forgotten people. A collection of recovered items give clues to the identity of previous owners. 

'EnvironMENTAL' 2016

The ease at which we create and destroy our surroundings and our ignorance towards environmental damage are highlighted in the painting and then the destruction of the canvas. 

Mephitical, solo show, 2015

Solo show at the ART FACTORY.

The installation investigates the contamination of our green spaces through redevelopment and industrial pollution.