Objects of Reference was commissioned by De Montfort University to be the starting point of Dementia week UK. The image features 300 photographs of people holding objects which are very personal to them. Dementia patients can use Objects of Reference to trigger memories from the past. 

Over 8 months I collected the images and the related stories from people who wanted to be involved before creating the final 6ft x 4ft artwork and an accompanying book. The project was featured on BBC news broadcasts throughout dementia week 2018. 

Objects of Reference
Objects of Reference

Logo design         PARANOID CLOTHING

Paranoid Clothing
Paranoid Clothing
Paranoid clothing
Paranoid clothing
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Then and Now

I was commissioned by De Montfort University to create a series of

photographic images and a book which highlights the history of the DMU campus and its magnificent architecture.  

The final images were completed by using photographs from the DMU archives and my own location photographs 

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marcus street blend 1.jpg
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stairwell best combination.jpg

Lesson One Skate decks


Editorial design and illustration

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SWSP Skateboarding

Logo design, deck design, photography, page layout

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