March 29, 2017

You don't get anywhere without trying and that's so true in the artworld. I experiment a lot in my studio with processes and materials and its something I really enjoy. Sometimes the slightest mistake or adjustment can open new avenues to be explored, often leading to...

March 20, 2017

Being able to create whatever the client needs is a great bonus to an artist and designer. I try to keep in touch with the latest design trends and tools just in case something a bit different falls through the commission letterbox.

This design needed a different approa...

March 17, 2017

Its been busy this week with sales and work.

A new York gallery got in touch and are interested in featuring some of my work. Cool!

I also got asked by a local gallery to supply artwork for their premises. Cool!

Also spent a lot of time in the studio trying to make progre...

March 13, 2017

The series I'm working on at the moment is inspired by the marks which appear on the streets and architecture of the city. Graffiti and tagging, oil spills, dirt and grime leave a stain which lasts a long time, even after cleaning and repainting the image stays and tha...

March 12, 2017

Great little write up about a few projects I've done for DMU. Its good to know they're keeping an eye on alumni...

March 11, 2017

This week I was approached by Curve Theatre in Leicester to supply some artwork to be exhibited alongside a production of Leicester playwright Joe Orton's 'What the butler Saw'.

They wanted something with a political edge which would create a background for the press ni...

March 3, 2017

When I first walked into the empty building which was soon to become StudionAme, the studio facility I manage, I was the only artist there. The studio walls were yet to be built, floors still needed painting and dust filled every corner of the space. But the directors...

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